Hello I'm Amardeep Sekhon [Kevin (Pseudonym)]

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As a qualified Music Instructor, I’ve been offering my services to people of all ages in the CITY Beautiful,Chandigarh Tricity  area since YEAR 2017.


Recently , I have launched my own Online Courses through my website which has been designed to offer the Courses in the format of Google Classroom and like Apps. 

I have completed almost 50 Courses/Method  in Guitar,Piano,Tabla,Bongo,Congo,Vocal.

No matter what your level or experience, I’m here to give you the professional and artistic attention you deserve.

Music Teacher - My Job Description 


As an experienced music teacher to be responsible for teaching music as part of the Defined Curriculum by Leading Universities and Conservatories of Music.


 I, as music teacher will follow the pedagogical requirements as set out by  these esteem temples of Music Learning,through my own study materials and Books using the techniques of instructions I've perfected over the years and ongoing, using latest technological aids like software's and video instruction.


My courses cover at each level the theory and practice of general music, singing and playing musical instruments. They should also prepare students for exams in music.


To be successful as a music teacher, i have the capabilities to create an enjoyable learning environment to inspire young minds and help them grow in appreciation of music. Ultimately, as a top-notch music teacher I'm skilled in playing musical instruments, planning concerts for student participation, and creating after school music clubs.

Music Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Teaching general styles of music.

  2. Teaching classical Piano,Guitar,Keyboard,Tabla,Bongo,Congo in practical and theory

  3. Teaching singing to students from beginner to advanced level.

  4. Incorporating musical instruments and movement in lessons.

  5. Planning and implementing a program of instruction and lesson plans.

  6. Preparing students for school concerts and planned music experiences.

  7. Preparing students for practicals and exams.

  8. Inspiring and motivating students to extend themselves to after school music clubs.

  9. Building relationships and mentoring students.


My Educational Qualification:

  • Post Graduate (MBA).

  • Over 50 Methods of Music Instruction Completed Successfully over  a period of 10 Year and Still Continuing.Pertianing to Guitar,Piano,Tabla,Bongo,Congo....

  • Prepared my own Methods/Books in Music Instruction comparable to the best in industry with Indian Melodies and Scales along with the Western and Indian Subcontinental teaching Pedagogy.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Choral pedagogy.

  • Ability to set and mark examination papers.